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Kappa Alpha Psi has a very comprehensive anti-hazing policy and penalties for violating the policy. Pledging has been replaced by the Membership Orientation & Intake Program (MOIP). The Membership Orientation & Intake Program (MOIP) is the procedures the Fraternity uses to admit men into the Fraternity. It combines attributes of the past membership process [that was intended to - teach aspiring members about the Fraternity, bond them with members affiliated with a local chapter and, test them on their knowledge] with a probation period wherein aspiring members demonstrated their understanding of these teachings and the value of bonding. The Program is absent of any physical or mental abuse.


  • Indoctrinate and instruct a new member in the customs, traditions, laws, history, and administration of the Fraternity at all levels of involvement - National, Province and local;

  • Provide insight into the what, and how of a formal organization and administration consistent with acceptable parliamentary procedures;

  • Develop in a new member the desire to insure the dynamic and progressive continuance of Kappa Alpha Psi as a first rate fraternity;

  • The acceptance of responsibility for any effort that moves the group forward.

  • Commence the promotion of being a member of a group while retaining individuality.


The minimum criteria to be considered for membership into Kappa Alpha Psi include:

  • Men of good moral character with a Bachelors Degree, or equivalent, from an accredited college or university;

  • Completion of the membership application;

  • Official college or university transcript;

  • Three (3) letters of recommendation from members of Kappa Alpha Psi "In Good Standing" with the fraternity on all administrative levels; and

  • Two (2) letters from members of the community at large.

No person shall be considered for membership, whose known conduct deviates unfavorably from prevailing standards of morality. Acceptable qualities of Kappa Alpha Psi members include:

  • The disposition to live in close companionship with men of similar values.

  • The wisdom to abide by the will of the majority without sacrificing individuality

  • The discretion to refrain from destructive criticism while seeking to remove the causes of such criticism.

  • The acceptance of responsibility for any effort that moves the group forward.

  • The desire to strive for, and ultimately achieve, excellence in everything you do.

  • The commitment to train for leadership.

  • The resolution to give lifelong financial support and commitment to the maintenance and development of the Fraternity's programs and purposes.

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